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El Tucán (The Toucan) - 17.6oz Ground

El Tucán (The Toucan) - 17.6oz Ground

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Description: El Tucan comes from Tarrazú Costa Rica which is a world class recognized coffee region in the world due to its excellent, unique, outstanding, and delicious coffees.

Specialty Coffee El Tucan is cultivated at an elevation between 4593.17FT to 6233.596FT above the sea.

Varieties: Caturra, and Red Catuai.

Our Recommendation:

Chemex: this method will highlight its excellent acidity, cleanliness, and juiciness.

Vandola: it will help to achieve a drink with an excellent balance of attributes, highlighting the sweetness, flavors, and the coffee body.

The Costa Rican bag dripper: It will allow us to enjoy a balanced drink with a creamy body and appreciate the infusion in this traditional Costa Rican method.

 Cup Flavor Profile: 

Orange fragrance, fruity and sweet sugar cane aroma, with flavors of caramel. Orange lemon, high juicy and bright citric acidity, medium silky body with a pleasant, sweet caramel finish.

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