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Cafeturas - 8.8oz Ground

Cafeturas - 8.8oz Ground

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Description: Cafeturas is cultivated, harvested, processed, and roasted in San Ramon, Costa Rica which is located on the Occident side of the country. It is known worldwide for its high-quality coffee with characteristics of the perfect body, delicious aroma, and unique flavor and balance.

Cafeturas are cultivated at an elevation between 3280.84FT to 4593.17FT above the sea.

Varieties: 100% Arabica, Caturra, and Red Catuai.

Our Recommendation:

Conventional Coffee Maker: It is a practical method of preparation and will allow us to highlight the creamy body of the coffee.

The Costa Rican bag dripper: It will allow us to enjoy a balanced drink with a creamy body and appreciate the infusion in this particular filtering method with extensive experience in the homes of Costa Ricans

Cup Flavor Profile: 

Fragrance of dark chocolate, and dark caramel, rich aroma, low to medium citric acidity, high creamy body with long lasting aftertaste.

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