Core Values 2


    We are  committed to  environmental 
    and social  responsibility.
    We  actively seek out  coffee beans 
    produced through  sustainable  farming practices,  support fair trade  initiatives, and  minimize our 
    ecological  footprint through  efficient 
    processes and  packaging.


    Costa Rica  abolished the  army in 1949 
    since then all  funds that it  would have 
    spent on the  army now these  funds are 
    destinated to  the education  and health 
    system. We  believe in a  future world 
    without violence  and
    conflicts,  we represent it  in our logo.


    Through our  passionate team  of coffee 
    enthusiasts, we  aim to educate  and engage our  customers, 
    providing them  with a deeper  understanding of  the coffee 
    cultivation  process, from  bean to cup.


    We prioritize  excellence in
    every aspect of our  operations to  deliver the highest  quality coffee products to our customers. We
    meticulously source  premium coffee  beans, ensuring  they meet our 
    rigorous standards  for taste,
    aroma,  and sustainability.  Our expert team  utilizes precise  roasting techniques  to bring out the  optimal flavors and  characteristics of  each bean.